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From an interview dated back on October 9 2014, Ann M. Martin revealed her favourite The Baby-Sitters Club character:

New 2014 Ann M. Martin Interview

Here's a brand new 2014 Interview with Ann M. Martin where she talks about her newest book, Rain Reign and she also mentioned The Baby-Sitters Club and what Dawn, Stacey, Mary Anne, Claudia and Kristy are up to now:

Raina just posted on her Facebook that the BSC graphic novels are going to be reissued in full colour!!! The colourist for her newest graphic novel, Sisters, is doing the colouring for the BSC. #1, Kristy's Great Idea, will be released April 28 2015, and #2, The Truth About Stacey, will be released June 30 2015.


Real life Claudia!

I found a real life Claudia! I was logging to tumblr and she was the photo image of the log in screen!

She looked like Claudia at first look but when I looked at her tumblr I found that she also creates food-wear! She crochets and makes yummy things as she says :)

This is the photo that lured me to her tumblr.

She looks so amazing *_*

Karen Brewer the Alpaca!

Hey everyone. So I am a big fan of "Alpacasso" the Alpaca plush from Japan. These gigundoly adorable creatures were only available from the Claw Machines (known as UFO Catchers) Only recently have they been able to be bought and sold =^_^=

So this is one that I bought (I have quite a large herd of all sizes and styles) but I wanted to focus on this girl because I had to have her because she reminded me of Karen Brewer and I refer to her as "The Karen Alpaca" she just came in the Mail today.

Karen the AlpacaCollapse )

Doesn't she look gigundoly adorable with her PINK GLASSES and big bow? She looks like Karen =^_^=

She is now sitting with some other Alpacasso and is quite happy.

Well, I do hope some enjoyed the little photo. :D

Stay safe all ^_^


My BSC thought for the day: Would Stacey, Laine or any of the other BSC girls have been caught on HONY if they were real?

If HONY had existed in the BSC-verse, do you think the ghosties would've made it into one of the Chapter 2s? Maybe if someone's writing a modernised or even futurefic version of the BSC, they could do that as a Chapter 2. :)

Omg awesome!

Read more...Collapse )

Oh lord did I do that cut right? (In a Claudia Voice)

BUT OMG so I was in this store and these books are in the wrong area, they are in the Sprituality and Astrology section! That is a bunch of Karen Brewer Books :D

and other assorted novelities.

Well anyway I had a huge chuckle over that bit of nonsense :)
Hope you all did too =^_^=

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