Baby-Sitters on The Totally Sweet 90's!

Just got my hand on a copy of The Totally Sweet 90's and The Baby-Sitters Club got a page in it! They put the Classic Cover art of The Truth About Stacey and the Collectors' Edition cover art of Mallory Hates Boys(And Gym) in black and white. You can read the article on my Flickr account:
Mary Anne, Stacey, Claudia, Dawn and Kristy all made it into the 25 Childhood Coolest Female Characters List. To tell you the truth I was both surprised and glad that Mary Anne made the List!:

Ducky gets Dumbledore'd

Back from January, but I didn't discover this until last night browsing in ff_a and it doesn't look to be posted here...

A very late comment thread on this 2007 post pondering Ducky's sexuality reveals a nice little surprise:

mizzmarvel : I actually met AMM this past February, and she confirmed to me that Ducky was intended to be gay. The politics of children's publishing at the time would have made it difficult for the CD creative team to make him openly gay, but she said in a perfect world, they would have loved to have done so.

Well, there ya go :)

Aussies rejoice!!

The BSC TV series is now available on Australian iTunes!!!!

As you can probably tell, I'm very excited. I've been chasing down the videos forever, and now I can take my best friends anywhere, anytime! :D

Seriously. Awesome.


Complete list by publication date?

Hi all... long time no see! My sister and I (harrrumph) are looking for a list of all the BSC books by publication date! Does anyone have one? We want to read them all in order again!

Looking for these books

I am only 62 books away from owning all the BSC books. If anyone can cut me a deal, please respond. I live in the US and prefer to buy from US sellers. Here are the books I am looking for:

List of booksCollapse )
Okay, so on my blog I've been doing a readalong of Ann's early books, since I had never read them. I discovered that, coincidentally, Ann's early books are all being released as ebooks on the 22nd by a company called Open Road Media. I have since discovered that they ALREADY released ALL of the California Diaries as ebooks last month! Just a heads up for everyone :)

These are all available on Amazon. Ann's early books and the CA Diaries individually cost $4.79, but you can also all of the Diary Ones, all of the Diary Twos, or all of the Diary Threes for ten bucks. (And Super Mystery #1 is being released by scholastic at the end of May!)

The fun things I do BSC related.

Sorry I didn't reply to a lot of messages from people answering my Mary Anne mailbox post. I haven't been getting emails alerting me. ;_; I fixed it though!

Here's my latest BSC endevor:

My Neopet Claudia finally has an Island look. For those who aren't familiar with Neopets, it's a ridiculously expensive vanity item that turns your Pet to a certain "look" that's the "Base Look"

Anyway so I added all those clothes to her (which is totally optional) but I thought it would be a lot of fun to make her into a funky style and add a Gingerbread background. Knowing Claudia, she totally would of make that little origami red dog creature that is at her left side (A "Gelert" in Neopet lore) By the way, the creature she is is called a "Blumaroo" and is related to a Kangaroo in real life)
"On Claudia it looks great. Anyone else would look totally ridiculous in a suit of armor and a lei, but not Claudia"

Anyway! Enjoy!! :)

I love paying homage to my favorite sitter :)

A new BSC group psl

fromthebrook is a Baby-Sitters Club gpsl that will be opening April 3. Kristy Thomas, Claudia Kishi, Dawn Schafer, Logan Bruno, Abby Stevenson, Mallory Pike, and Jessi Ramsey are still available. Any other character seven years old or older in the books, no matter how minor, are also available to be played.

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