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Happy 29th BSC!

Just wanted to wish The Baby-Sitters Club a Happy Birthday! Can't believe the series is now 29 years old.

I met Karen Brewer at an Anime Con

So this was Fanime Convention and I saw a girl at a booth who was selling dolls and these are very realistic dolls that are silicone and quiet expensive .

This girl reminded me exactly of Karen if Karen was all grown up.

She was very nice and had a lot of positive things to say and was very nice.

Her blonde hair and big glasses made me feel this Karen vibe and especially her love of dolls reminded me of Karen.
And her attitude was very excited and sweet. She didn't have an unfriendly beat and was very nice

But yeah! It was fun ^^

May. 29th, 2015

Hi friends! I have a question, is there a timeline where the Super Specials, the mysteries and everything else are inner spliced with the regular books, like if you read the books in that order they would basically match up in "real time"? I checked the wiki but I didn't seem to see anything like that, or maybe it doesn't exist and I thought it did. Anyways, thanks!
Just got my own copy of Re-Released The Baby-Sitters Club Graphix Novels Number One: Kristy's Great idea last night and to be honest I was surprised at the size of the book! Here's a photo to see the two Editions together: http://furbylover86.deviantart.com/art/Kristy-s-Great-Idea-532049455

Tail Trail is even played in Japan!

Does anyone remember "Tail Trail" in Summer Before?

I found a reference that kids in Japan play a variant of it!
according to a Q&A section in One Piece book 14, a popular manga in Japan, one of the kids writes to the author and challenges another reader to "Shiritori"

The Q&A section is pretty comical and does feature readers talking to other previous readers and the author publishes the funniest things

But it goes to explain Shiritori as: "Take the Tail,the first player says a word and every subsequent player has to say a new word starting with the last syllable of the previous word. But none of the words can end in "n" "

Book 14 came out around 1998/1999 era in Japan
Although for American Readers this book came out in April 2007

But regardless I was really giddy with pleasure that this game has a varied play style overseas!

I am re-reading my books and I had to post this bit of info because it's too good to pass up!

BSC On Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The Baby-Sitters Club Mystery #12 Dawn And The Surfer Ghost made a special appearance on an episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.


i've noticed while rereading the series that a few times (between books 1-14) ann writes the girls saying they "make pretty much money" instead of writing say, "a lot of money" or similar. (example of reading it for the second time in about a week came today on page 20 of "hello mallory", when mallory says, "&the club members earn pretty much money.")
it breaks my brain every time i read it because it just sounds so awkward&doesn't make sense to me. so! my question is:

is this something that people ever would have actually said? or is it just ann?

if any one has any answers it would be much appreciated! as i said, it breaks my brain to read it. thanks!

Feb. 1st, 2015

hello! :)
i have some books for sale/trade posted in the bsc trade community&wanted to share the link (http://bsc-trade.livejournal.com/139904.html) in case anyone is interested.

i hope it's okay to post this!

Musical Rug?

I know we discussed this years ago but I can't find it. Does anyone remember the description of how to play musical rug? Something about the kids trying to squeeze themselves onto a smaller and smaller area? I know in #4, they talk *about* musical rug but don't explain the rules.

Edited: As it happened, the box my CG was in happened to be near the top of my boxes in the basement, and I looked it up and it's actually Musical *Cushions* that has the smaller and smaller area - instead of eliminating a kid, you eliminate a cushion as you go, and then the kids have to squeeze onto the remaining cushions until they're all squeezing onto one. It was mentioned in Mystery #14. I hope that the next time I want to try to remember this, I can get back to this post! (sadly, for purposes of my almost 6yo's birthday party on Saturday, our couches don't have removable cushions!)
Found this great new article of BSC on The Baby-Sitters Club Official Facebook Page:



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