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Board game for sale

I am selling my BSC board game. The box is in average condition due to age but the entire game is in excellent condition. I'm in Australia so not sure how many this will be relevant to, but let me know if you're interested.

BSC translations and covers

Now I've also searched on WorldCat.org, and found that BSC books have Catalan translations. So based on cassandraclue's list and its comments, I think BSC books have been translated into Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French (from France, Quebec, and maybe Belgium), German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. And IMDb has a list of the titles of the BSC movie in different countries.

Mieke K. T. Desmet's book Baby-Sitting the Reader: Translating English Narrative Fiction for Girls into Dutch (1946-1995) has a case study of the translation of Kristy's Great Idea, and also discusses the translation of Karen's Witch together with other books.

I've also seen Portuguese covers of the first two BSC books, and on Google's image search I've found the back cover of the first book, and a blog with larger images of the four girls. And I've seen California Diaries covers on Amazon.co.uk; Dawn, Diary Two gives Sue Clarke as the illustrator.

Foreign covers on Goodreads and elsewhere

I've found that if I go to a book's page on Goodreads.com and click "More Details" and then "Other Editions" or "All Editions", I can see some foreign covers of the book. For example, when I searched for "Il Club delle baby-sitter" on Google Images, I found many pictures, including one where the spines of the first fourteen books give out a group picture, but Goodreads also shows older, different Italian covers (with different titles). I've seen two of their back covers when searching for "I rosa da passeggio".

I've also found Polish covers of the first three books when I searched for their titles listed on Wikipedia. The four books in the Hungarian Baby-sitter klub series have the same cover pictures as the original ones, only their cover design is different.

You can also see the new French editions of BSC books, illustrated by Karim Friha, on the site of Gallimard Jeunesse. If you click on "Feuilleter l'ouvrage", you can see some pages, including the portraits of the seven members of the club. From Amazon.fr, it seems the sixth and seventh book might be re-released on June 2nd.

By the way, in #12: La nouvelle amie de Claudia, Ashley Wyeth is called Cynthia Hopper, and the cover artist, Philippe Munch, also shares a last name with another artist.

German California Diaries covers

I've seen German covers for the first six California Diaries books here. I think Julia is Dawn and Anna is Amalia.

Character Guides

So nerd that I am, I've compiled "Complete Guides" to various secondary characters, some of whom are very popular fanfic fodder. babysitters100 is still going strong, albeit moreso on DW than LJ, so if you wanna jump in and join us, feel free to make use of these! =)

The Complete Guide to Janine Kishi
The Complete Guide to Jill Henderson
The Complete Guide to Carol Olson-Schafer
The Complete Guide to Charlie Thomas

If anybody has any requests for a character, please let me know! =)


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