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Outfit Quiz

Buzzfeed has a quiz to guess the sitter based on the outfit on the cover.

For an extra challenge, guess which covers the shots are from!
Here's an excerpt from the upcoming graphic novel Dawn and the Impossible Three.

I've also seen upcoming Spanish editions of the first three BSC books on Amazon.com, and I could enlarge the first two covers a bit on Amazon.es. I don't speak Spanish, but I think all three books are illustrated by Laia López.

Now Gallimard has published #8: Lucy est amoureuse and #9: Carla et le passage secret with covers by Karim Friha. On May 4th, they plan to publish Logan aime Mary Anne, Les nouveaux voisins de Kristy, and another BSC book, which I think might be a three-in-one book.
First-time commenter :)

Like many of you, I have BSC stuff burned forever into my brain. One weird bit has stuck with me all these years that bothered me and I finally need to reach out into the interwebs and have it confirmed.

It was a passing comment about a school dance. From what I can remember, the girls were contemplating on whether to go, and for various reasons they decided not to. Like Stacey was busy, Claudia was out of town... And for Jessi the reason was something like, "Besides, there was only one black boy at school that Jessi could have gone with." That always struck me as pretty WTF, saying that she had to go with another black kid, anyone else was out of the question. Aside from the idea that an 11-year-old even needs an actual "date." Does anyone else remember this??

From what I recall, this was NOT a "Jessi POV" book. And I stopped reading the books somewhere around the #60-65 mark, if that helps narrow it down at all. Can anyone post the book and the passage? I wonder if it was edited in later reprints...

Thank you!!

Great News For AUSTRALIANS BSC Fans!

This Could Be Great News For BSC Fans Who Are Located In Australia! A Fellow BSC Reader From Australia Found A Photo On Her ALDIS Catalogue Promoting The Re-Release Of "Kristy's Great idea" In The Original Cover. It Will Start On November 2016.:


New French covers

Now you can see Karim Friha's covers for the new editions of #6: Un grand jour pour Kristy and #7: Claudia a des ennuis on both the publisher's site and Amazon.fr. Amazon says that Lucy est amoureuse and Carla et le passage secret will be republished on November 4, 2016.

You can also see Émile Bravo's cover for Nos histoires inoubliables. I think the book includes the novels Claudia and the Bad Joke, Mallory and the Trouble with Twins, and Jessi and the Superbrat.

Board game for sale

I am selling my BSC board game. The box is in average condition due to age but the entire game is in excellent condition. I'm in Australia so not sure how many this will be relevant to, but let me know if you're interested.

BSC translations and covers

Now I've also searched on WorldCat.org, and found that BSC books have Catalan translations. So based on cassandraclue's list and its comments, I think BSC books have been translated into Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French (from France, Quebec, and maybe Belgium), German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. And IMDb has a list of the titles of the BSC movie in different countries.

Mieke K. T. Desmet's book Baby-Sitting the Reader: Translating English Narrative Fiction for Girls into Dutch (1946-1995) has a case study of the translation of Kristy's Great Idea, and also discusses the translation of Karen's Witch together with other books.

I've also seen Portuguese covers of the first two BSC books, and on Google's image search I've found the back cover of the first book, and a blog with larger images of the four girls. And I've seen California Diaries covers on Amazon.co.uk; Dawn, Diary Two gives Sue Clarke as the illustrator.


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