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Upcoming covers

On barnesandnoble.com, you can see not only the cover of the upcoming graphic novel Logan Likes Mary Anne!, but also new covers with Netflix logos for upcoming editions of the first seven BSC books. If the first such editions are published on May 5, maybe the Netflix series will also be available by then.

  • kletta

Upcoming graphic novels and covers

Amazon.com says an eighth BSC graphic novel, Logan Likes Mary Anne!, by Ann M. Martin and Gale Galligan, will be released on September 1, 2020.

There are already reviews for the upcoming graphic novel Karen's Witch, here and here, for example. You can see the cover for Karen's Roller Skates here.

Here and here I've seen upcoming book covers referring to Netflix. IMDB's cast list for the series doesn't mention the BSC members yet, but it lists actors playing Buddy and Hamilton Barrett, campers and a counselor, and perhaps characters from The Truth about Stacey.


Here come the Bridesmaids

So I’ve recently started re-reading my babysitters club books and I started with the Super Specials because they were always my favorite. Well I just finished reading #12 Here Come the Bridesmaids and that book is AWFUL. Does anyone else agree? I mean really there was NOTHING in that book that was good. It got me wondering what some of your worst favorite books were.