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Upcoming books

Now you can see the covers for the upcoming French editions of the 18th and 19th BSC book.

I think that in Caroline Cala's upcoming Best Babysitters Ever series, Kristy's Great Idea inspires three 12-year-old friends to found a babysitting club.

Our new BSC podcast...

So, I've been a HUGE BSC fan for 24 years. Used to post here a lot <3

Started a podcast with hubs who is reading the books for the first time. Hope you'll listen and love <3


Upcoming books

Gale Galligan has posted her cover for Kristy's Big Day on Facebook.

The Baby-Sitters Club Retro Set -- the first six books with original covers in a tin case -- is also set to be published on August 28.

I've also seen covers for upcoming French editions of two books: Le langage secret de Jessi and Mary Anne et la malédiction. I think there's a smartphone at the bottom of both this latter cover and Laia López' cover of Mary Anne salva la situación.

New searches

According to Amazon.com, the graphic novel Kristy's Big Day is scheduled to be published on August 28, 2018. The same search for Ann M. Martin's newest books also shows Karim Friha's covers for #14: Mallory entre en scène and #15: La revanche de Carla, as well as Laia López's cover for El Club de las Canguro #5: El trío insoportable. And on barnesandnoble.com, you can look inside the first four El Club de las Canguro books, which all start with pictures and descriptions of Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, Dawn, Mallory and Jessi.

BSC on Discord

The lovely OzQueen has set up a Discord server for all things BSC here. Come join us and revel in the nostalgia and nerdery!

New and upcoming book versions

I read here that Gale Galligan is working on the graphic novel version of Kristy's Big Day.

#s12-13 have been republished in French with covers by Karim Friha. According to Amazon.fr, #s14-15 will also be republished in January, and according to Amazon.es, El trío insoportable will be published next year, too.
For Those Who Live In Montreal, You Can Now Go Get Your Copy Of Graphix Novel "Dawn And The Impossible Three" At Indigo, Coles Or Chapters. I Went On Thursday And Got Mine. Love It! It Will Be Released On September 26th 2017.

New foreign covers

Here's the cover for the upcoming Spanish book #4: Mary Anne salva la situación.

Amazon.fr shows Karim Friha's covers for Logan aime Mary Anne and Les nouveaux voisins de Kristy (with back cover), and Émile Bravo's cover for Frères et sœurs, quel bonheur!, which seems to contain Claudia and Mean Janine, Jessi's Baby-Sitter, and Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies.

Baby-Sitters Club Web Series!

Hi guys! I'm new to LiveJournal so apologies if this wasn't done properly, but I wanted to share the link to a BSC web series some friends and I created, called "Stoneybrook Revisited." It revisits the original members (Kristy, Mary Anne, Stacey, Claudia, and Dawn) as adults in the modern day.

The first five eps are up and the final episode will be on July 25. Link to watch is here.

Hope you enjoy! We made it with a lot of love for the BSC :)


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