corduroyspocket (corduroyspocket) wrote in babysittersclub,

Ann Strikes Back?

 I was reading the responses to the recent "least favorite book" post and saw the discussion on Mallory Pike, #1 Fan. I've never read that one myself, but I did see Tiff's snark on claudiasroom. this may have been a strange thing to take away from it, but I wonder if the book wasn't Ann's response to the millions of readers who asked her  if Stoneybrook was an actual place/if all the babysitting chapters came from experiences she had as a teenager/if the club members were real people, etc.  I was a lot like Mallory when I was 11 -seems like a lot of people were- so I have a bit of a soft spot for her. To that end, it seems really odd to me that the woman who created "Mallory Pike" allowed the ghostwriter to portray the character in such an unfavorable light. actually, maybe not odd but cruel. Any thoughts?
Tags: author: ann m. martin, discussion: books
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